If you have visited me at least twice in the last year your donation is 200 per hour. For everybody else please see below.


1 Hr                1 1/2Hrs                     2 Hrs

£250                   £350                      £400

3 Hrs               4 Hrs               Overnight

£550                £650                     £1200


Note. If I haven’t met you before I will ask for a deposit of £50 to my bank account or  Amazon vouchers sent to my email address.

Email Domination / Instruction


This works as follows; you email me a brief of what you would like whether that is instruction, humiliation etc and I will respond giving you 500 words (approx) tailored to your request. Or I can give you a task a day for five days.

Payment is through bank transfer or Amazon gift vouchers

to the following email address:

Overnight Confinement


This includes an hours play in the evening followed by dinner. Then chained to my wall and left for eight hours. In the morning you will be released…and released.


Feminisation Treatment

2 Hrs


This includes feminisation hypnosis followed by make up application and dressing in front of my full length mirrors. I found in the past that some gents are so nervous around this topic and even though they long to dress up as a lady they are ashamed. That made me sad so I was thinking of ways that I could relax them further. At the same time I was taking a hypnotherapy course and even though I initially didn’t believe that I could use hypnotherapy for my domination business it soon became apparent that I could to help relax the mind. Please note though that there is a lot of claptrap out there about what hypnotherapy is. Hypnosis can NOT make you do something you don’t want to do and you will be completely aware-even when you are in a trance state.

Please note as well that this is the only hypnotherapy I offer.

CFNM (Clothed female naked male)

I have a few vanilla friends who will watch and play a little. They charge


 an hour each.