Last Tuesday I arrived in Manchester to meet a gentleman who I see a couple of times a year. He is a lovely man who goes to fictional conferences around the country. His hotel suite was perfect for our planned activities as it was at the end of a corridor with a living room and a bedroom. Some activities are louder than others, chess for example is fine but when it comes to the spanking/caning/paddling forfeits that come every time I nab a piece and then double walls are advised. We had a great couple of nights. We had nice meals, lovely wine, went to a concert, I marked his bottom with my canes and crops and we had a laugh. Quite frankly I don’t know how he balances so many women in his life (he saw an escort the evening before I arrived) but naughty boys will always find a way. He reminds me of Don Giovanni in the first scene … when one woman leaves and another one enters immediately after. The first evening he took me to a restaurant that he had been to the evening before with the other lady because the food was so nice. The waiter did a bit of a double take when he saw that he was with a different woman but quickly regained his composure and was lovely to me. I have been to restaurants in the past where waiters have been rude to me after making assumptions just because I was with an older gentleman. I don’t like the idea that anyone thinks I’m a gold digger so I was thinking about having a t-shirt printed that says “Dominatrix” on the front, and maybe “fuck off” on the back.  The time with my gent flew by and I was sad to leave him on the Thursday. However what helped console me was the fact that I had lashed his arse 100 times before we checked out. I like to give a slave a constant reminder for the train journey home.

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