When I arrived in Scotland I had booked one night at a hotel. I thought when I booked it that it was remarkably cheap but I didn’t think anything of it until one of my slaves said “I didn’t think that that hotel was in Leith” Oh dear, I had managed to book a namesake guest house. It was a little bit grim, my lock had been forced at some point and there were males shouting in the corridor until the early hours. With my chair wedged under the handle and my most wicked bullwhip in my hand I fell to sleep. The next morning I made my way to the dungeon I have used before and love. It was a fun session with lots of dress up and anal play. I have such few slaves that I can take photographs of due to their jobs and family life but I do wish I could have taken a photograph of this sissy. In thigh high boots she is almost seven foot and she looked beautiful in my makeup. Of course after the beautifying comes the descent into being my anal fucking and sucking slut and with the aid of poppers I was very pleased with what she took. At the end of the session I had her sit astride a chair with her arms suspended above her head and after giving her a huge pyramid of a butt plug I commanded she sat on it as I placed a cock in her mouth. The deal was that if she dropped either she would not be allowed an orgasm…. Five minutes later she had come with such force that when I removed the cock from her mouth I could feel a sticky substance…

Reader. She had come on her own face.

Then on to Inverness to spend a leisurely weekend with an old chum/slave. On arrival I reprimanded him for not wearing stockings for me. Also I was disappointed that he hadn’t any nail varnish on his toes. So I painted them so they matched mine and then I drank bubbly and he drank whisky. After giving his bottom a thorough spanking followed by a few strikes of the cane we chatted and relaxed. The next day his housekeeper was there. This woman is soooo lovely. I have met her five or so times and she always tells me that I should visit more often. I used to wonder what she thought I do for a living but this time she asked me if I was still “entertaining elderly gentlemen” which made me think that perhaps the game was up. The gent and I went for a meal on the Saturday night which was pleasant. He slightly crashed his car on the way out of the restaurant car park (he hadn’t had a drink and the wall definitely seemed to come from nowhere). A few nosy people came out of the restaurant and so we drove off at speed. “Happens all the time” he shouted as we sped off into the night.

After another day of too much wine, conversation, cp, watching red squirrels and excellent food I left and began my journey back to Edinburgh. What was supposed to be three and a half hours turned into a seven and a half hour nightmare with Scot Rail.  After being chucked off our second train in Inverness (there and back again, a rail travellers tale,) we boarded the buses and set off for the two and a half hours it would take to get to Perth. By this time I was looking at Scot Rail and National Rail’s websites. National Rail had the cheek to write that Scot Rail was operating with a ‘good service’ and on the Scot Rails website they are saying ‘minor delays.’ For me a minor delay is 20 minutes. Not five hours. We set off on our buses and the penny dropped that we couldn’t; spend a penny that is. No lavatory on the bus. People were furiously tweeting and Scot Rail replied to all of them. I tweeted and they didn’t reply to me. Sex worker hating arses. By not replying to me they were making a political statement that they think myself and my ilk are scum and not worthy of the same customer service as their other customers. So next time I travel to Scotland I’ll go via Virgin. Who may have an arsehole for a founder but at least they always reply when I tweet them.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about my touring exploits. Have a great week peeps and pervs. xxx

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