Elizabeth Swan

A review from George McCoy. A good job I didn't know it was him..I probably would have tripped over or electrocuted myself or something!

By Elizabeth Swan on

Review by George McCoy

Synopsis: A graduate of the London Retreat, Elizabeth Swan is a somewhat erotic dominatrix, who even has two rooms in which she can see her clients, a white room for the beginners and a black room for those looking for heavier treatment. A very classy lady with an upper crust accent, she is bound to become a object of fantasy, once you have had enjoyed or endured a session at her hands, whether you opt for tie 'n' tease in the bedroom or a heavier session in her dungeon. And although only working independently since mid 2013, she has already had plenty of satisfied clients.

Appearance: An attractive slim yet curvy redhead

Rating: 4 Stars

Elizabeth Swan