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A Few Days in London

By Elizabeth Swan on

Last week I was in London for a few days to see a couple of the boys that have missed me.

My first client foolishly presented me with a new cane when I arrived so I had to try it out immediately. I gave him a few presents that would cause him various days of pain before Christmas (an advent pain calendar if you like). I enjoy giving gifts to my slaves who can receive them.

He was relieved that I hadn’t room in my suitcase for my violet wand as one time I visited I left him with ‘E S’ on his inner thighs. But his relief soon turned to dismay when he saw how many other implements I had fit in my small suitcase. Pinwheels, candles, dildos, floggers, whips, ropes, restraints, chastity cage, lead, collar, sounds, weights, parachute, pegs...yes after almost ten years of packing for sessions I have it down to a fine art. Luckily, during the sessions that followed we were not disturbed as we usually are. As an elderly (not that he feels it) shielding man he has a Sainsbury’s delivery once a week and his domme as and when it is safe for me to visit. I shield for a week before I visit so as to try to keep myself as safe as possible before seeing him as he is vulnerable.

It’s so bloody unsexy isn’t it, talking about how we work in this new world? But I do see it as a responsibility to keep myself, my loved ones and my clients as safe as possible. It is difficult though. Choosing health over money when we all have bills to pay.

Anyway back to my client who is restrained and enjoying the feeling of me whipping my Santa pegs off his cock. The last time I was there the doorbell went and he asked me to answer just in case it was something important. So I did, decked out in latex to the delight of the visitor. It was the local pharmacy.

“His medicine!” the man said with a wink as he handed me a paper bag.

Then the next time I visited the phone kept ringing. I asked him to answer it but he said it was just cold callers. Still, they were very insistent and he finally answered as I was showering. I could hear the shouting from upstairs.

“We were so worried! We thought you were dead. Why weren’t you answering the phone?”

And then the worst bit.

“We are round the corner.”

Oh bugger. Families and dommes. Never a good mix. I quickly got dressed and packed my kit, ready for what I could tell would be a domme about to be thrown out on her ear.

Door bell. Door bell. DOOR BELL.

My client answered the door and the woman was very cross. So of course that was when my client passed the blame.

“I was busy with my friend.”


The woman was really angry now so I thought it was best to calm the situation. I presented myself (no longer naked) and immediately blamed my client right back.

“Apologies. I did tell him to answer the phone but he said it was cold callers.”

Then it was fine. I was just glad that when he did answer the door he had had time to put his clothes on as on his back he had a tree painted in nail varnish, a few stamps of “Property of Elizabeth Swan” and a red lined bum.

I really need to rethink the stamp. I don’t want to end up in a story in The Sun.

Policeman “It didn’t take too long to find the culprit!”

After a fun day I was off to see my other client. All sessions have different vibes. The next man has been a client for five years. This one can have no external marks...though internal ones of humiliation and degradation are always provided. Roleplay, forced sissyfication, anal training...and just when my slave thinks he has suffered enough I inform him that he has to wear knickers and suspenders and take me to dinner. The next day was a more lazy day. We went shopping to get him a skirt, he blushed when I held the different sizes to him in the shops. Then back to our apartment for chess with forfeits attached...however I wanted to relax so he played one of my other slaves remotely whilst I read a book.

I had instructed my other slave beforehand to take all his pieces before checkmating him. It was amusing…

“Oh, he missed that checkmate!” Then the dawning realisation as he saw the list of forfeits.

That night another session ensued with the lovely comment afterwards…

“The best anal we have ever had!”

The next day back to Stoke and a telephone chat with my mum.

“Did you have a nice time? What did you get up to?”

“Oh, you know. Shopping.”

Have a lovely Christmas everyone.

Lots of love,

Elizabeth Swan xxx

Elizabeth Swan

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