Elizabeth Swan’s Reviews

I wanted to explore my feminine submissive side and was attracted by Mistress E hypnosis services. This relaxed me very quickly and allowed Mistress E to use her considerable skills to transform me into a beautiful female. Mistress then proceeded to have her imaginative pleasures with me. Mistress has an intuitive empathy with the needs of a submissive, combined with a creative imagination and sense of fun which makes each session extremely enjoyable and fulfilling. I highly recommend a visit to see Mistress E.


Elizabeth Swan has a genuine talent for distance domination. Every task is unique and highly imaginative. She brings a wealth of creative thinking into her setting of distance tasks. She gains an understanding of the core desires of her submissives. But instead of allowing complacency to develop through the sending of repeat tasks, she presents new, often surprising situations, in wildly different scenarios which play seductively on these core desires but in a variety of different contexts. Highly engaging and highly recommended.

Tom, Task Reviews

I committed to two sets of 5 tasks set by Mistress Elizabeth. With tasks set each week, I became increasingly aroused as the week developed, waited for the task to arrive. Mistress demonstrated with each task her ability to select tasks that were both arousing and challenging. From clamps to hot wax, whilst writing an erotic tale or poem, the tasks were always varied, reflecting Mistress’ extensive powers of imagination and a Sadistic ability to stretch my limits. Each task took me somewhere I hadn’t been before, but was invariably satisfying.

And to make sure I had fulfilled the instructions, I had to give a detailed report together with photographs to confirm compliance.


Due to the recent Covid 19 lockdown, I sadly had to cancel a couple of appts with Mistress Elizabeth, but saw on her website that she offered to write a story based on a scenario of your choice so i sent a few suggestions. The story she sent back was really great and addressed a number of the activities we have done in our sessions, bondage, anal play, cross dressing as well as a couple of long held fantasies and was worth every penny and really made me look forward to seeing Mistress Elizabeth for a real appt as soon as possible whilst keeping me in a state of horniness till then. Great marketing tool!!

Oil Rig Man, Erotica Reviews

Although I have sessioned with Mistress Swan I did not really know what to expect when I asked her to write one of her stories for me. When it arrived I was not disappointed, but delighted. It was obvious that she had thought hard about what scenario I would like, and she delivered the little scene with all her customary intelligence, wit, devilry and - yes - humour. There was a wonderfully unexpected and very exciting twist in the tail of her little tale: a kinky kink that aroused and surprised me. I have already asked Mistress if she will write a second story for me, and I await that eagerly. Thank you, Mistress Swan, and I am sure your pen will remain as sharp as your wit and as warming as your flogger.


I have been really fortunate to have had a number of wonderful appointments with Mistress Elizabeth over the last 3 years, All of the sessions have been great fun and Mistress Elizabeth is always stunning and wears the most wonderful outfits. My sessions have normally involved a roleplay of some sort and Mistress Elizabeth is wonderful at bringing these to life as well as adding some great unexpected twists of her own. She has always respected my limits but has stretched these in some wonderful ways not to mention my bottom!! My sessions may be on the lighter side of BSDM but i have still received a number of spankings and slaps to the face that have firmly reminded me of my place. She is also lovely company after a session and great to chat with. I only really enjoy sessioning with some one i have a rapport with and the fact that i keep going back is probably the best compliment i can give.

Oil Rig Man, Session Reviews