Elizabeth Swan’s Reviews

I have been really fortunate to have had a number of wonderful appointments with Mistress Elizabeth over the last 3 years, All of the sessions have been great fun and Mistress Elizabeth is always stunning and wears the most wonderful outfits. My sessions have normally involved a roleplay of some sort and Mistress Elizabeth is wonderful at bringing these to life as well as adding some great unexpected twists of her own. She has always respected my limits but has stretched these in some wonderful ways not to mention my bottom!! My sessions may be on the lighter side of BSDM but i have still received a number of spankings and slaps to the face that have firmly reminded me of my place. She is also lovely company after a session and great to chat with. I only really enjoy sessioning with some one i have a rapport with and the fact that i keep going back is probably the best compliment i can give.

Oil Rig Man, Session Reviews

You never know exactly what you will get from Ms. Swan, so varied and wonderful are her skills, but you always know that you will get what you need, if not what you presumptuously thought that you needed. She has the rare ability to be both cruel and empathetic. She respects limits but always pushes them in unexpected and creative ways. Her imaginative dominance and control, laced with care and wit, never ceases to impress me, as does the strength of her right hand and the range of pleasurable tortures she loves to inflict on her poor slave. She is generous with her time and does not clock watch. Oh, and she has the most beautiful, adorable eyes...

Mistress Swan is a rara avis indeed, as fabulous (although thankfully real) as the Phoenix. Her wings may grant some solace and comfort if she deigns to enfold you in them, but never forget that her talons are as sharp and severe as an eagle or a falcon.


Extremely highly recommended.

Skilled, inventive, intelligent, good conversationalist and company, extrovert, ensures variety in sessions, sane and sensible domination with understanding of clients needs, ensures mutual enjoyment of session.

In the six years I have known Elizabeth we have enjoyed every session which has resulted in a beneficial learning curve for both of us and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Les, Client Report 2020

I now have had three appointments with Mistress Elizabeth and they have all been wonderful, especially the last one. Her photos truly do not do her justice as she stunningly sexy and dominant. Our sessions have been on the slightly softer side of domination, role play, bondage, feminisation etc... However Mistress Elizabeth has quickly reminded me of her dominance with a spanking when the mood takes her and has put me into strict bondage a number of times. She is a fantastically intuitive mistress and know exactly how to pace a session, make a role play come to life and her ability to tease does truly drive you to distraction. She is also fantastic company and a truly lovely person in and out of role. Can’t wait for our next appointment.


Elizabeth is amazing fun, hugely passionate and an imaginative girl with a talent for perversion that would make a Borgia weep.


You have the body of an angel and the personality and charm to go with it. It was a pleasure to meet you and I only hope that the next time I am in London I find the opportunity to meet you again.


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