Elizabeth Swan

A creative and thoughtful slave. Thank you

By Elizabeth Swan on

I don't generally post what is sent to me-normally because it is obscene! But this was a lovely gesture from a man who has been having a tough time lately. Thank you, and I hope this makes your day. x

my Lady is my Mistress;

i shall not want.

She leads me to search out greener pastures;

She teaches me the strength of still waters.

She owns my soul;

She points my feet on a journey that is right for me,

for i am Hers.

Even though my path leads through the unknown and untried;

i fear no harm:

For She is with me; Her rod and Her staff, they comfort me.

Her collar encircles my neck with steel;

my heart overflows.

She completes and strengthens me through discipline, love, and pain

Surely honour and trust shall blossom in me all the days of my life, and my will, surrendered to the control of my Mistress, forever.

Elizabeth Swan