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As Christmas approaches...

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It has been an age since I blogged. I have good reason. As Christmas approaches my life could not be more different than it was this time last year. Make of that what you will.

There have been ups and downs for everyone this year. It sometimes feels like time is speeding up. Perhaps it always feels like that as the years march on.

I am now forty. And I love it. So much more confident than I was at thirty, happy with what I have and with a clear vision of what I want…but will be content if I don’t get there. Christ the constant disappointment I felt when I was thirty makes me cringe when I think of it. I was disappointed in friends when I discovered that they were anti sex work, boyfriends for just being so achingly predictable, going to auditions all over the country and then being disappointed that the theatre company/film company couldn’t bother their arse to send a rejection email. Disappointed in my family for resembling a Jeremy Kyle show.

But now.

People only change if they want to. I cannot stop an addict from drinking any more than I can change the views of a radical feminist. And so, sad as it is, I have removed people from my life. I have a lot fewer presents to buy this year but that is okay. I love and cherish the eclectic people that remain.

And that includes some of my dear clients. Some have had an awful time this year with their health. I wish you all a much healthier 2022. But I know that many of you will get better, indeed are getting better. I was terribly concerned this year when one man, someone I have known for seven years, said that he didn’t get turned on by the idea of kink anymore. That worried me as in my experience, when a man isn’t thinking of his willy he must be really ill. But a month ago this same man sent me an email stating he had been thinking of me staring into his eyes whilst I twisted his nipples. Reader, I do believe he is on the mend!

Love to all the wonderful perverts out there who live their lives as they want. On their own terms with no apology.

Elizabeth x

Elizabeth Swan

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