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Hi boys, friends, slaves and subs.

Just a quick update to let you know that I am back after some time away. You know, the longer I spend with non kinksters, the more I want, no, need, to be back bashing and breaking in bums. And just, well having a laugh with a slave. Do you ever feel like this world, by which I mean our kinky, consenting, fun sphere of debauchery; makes so much more sense than the so-called real world? Or is that just me?!

Next week I am in London with a gent who owes money... so a debt collector will be darkening his door with stiletto heels, stockings and a ten inch strap-on. That will sort him out! It is an overnight session so I won't have time to see any of my other subs in London. I will be back the following week though so if you would like to see me Monday the 25th, or Tuesday the 26th, email or text me. I use a dungeon that is a few minutes from Queens Park (ten minutes from Euston)

And as usual, Stoke sessions available every Wednesday day, or Thursday and Friday evenings.

See you soon my dears.

Elizabeth x

Elizabeth Swan

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