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Have the British public got f*cking amnesia?

By Elizabeth Swan on

I am not for cancelling. I think it halts conversation and encourages aggressive sheep mentality on social media.

HOWEVER. Sometimes when someone is so bad at their job that it has enormous consequences for everyone I believe that they should not only be sacked, they should be run out of town, possibly by the way of some stocks and some tomatoes.

Ladies and gentlemen there are quite a few of these individuals. They are entrenched in such wealth and privilege that every time they fail they are given another chance. Take Dido Harding. She totally tanked TalkTalk, a huge data breach happened under her reign and the shares plummeted. After proving herself to be totally useless she was then given the job of heading up Track and Trace. How many billions did that disaster cause the tax payer? But did she take that second utter failure as a sign to fuck off into the sunset? No, she decided to put herself up for the top job of the NHS. Now I am not a bad dominatrix. Any domme who is still working after ten years is probably okay. But if I was the worst domme in the world, if I didn’t know the difference between a bumhole and a urethra (did you just wince and close your legs?) If I didn’t know that electrics should be applied below the waist and that wax should be tested on my arm. Hell if I thought that slaves should be suspended by their testicles only I would still be unable to do such damage on such a huge scale. But if I did seriously hurt a sub under my care I would leave the industry ashamed that I was such a fuck up. Not so with Dido who seems to think that she has skills that are wanted and needed.

Are we so short of talent in this country that this is the best we can do?

Are we so entrenched in our class system that we think only gormless, chinless wonders who have gone to private school know how to run a piss up in a brewery?

Which brings me to that total tit Matt Hancock. Who could possibly organise an orgasm in a brothel but it would only be his.

People went after Les Dennis yesterday for daring to wonder why he was still in the jungle.

What kind of crack are people smoking? Him getting caught getting his leg over after telling people they couldn’t see their loved ones before they died, or instructing hospitals not to let partners in to help their women as they went through the hell that is childbirth.

But he has eaten kangaroo cock so he’s forgiven.

What about the fact he was selling PPE contracts to his relatives and his pub landlord whilst doctors and nurses were having to use bin bags in an attempt to save themselves?

Oh, but he is so contrite, deeply regretting how everything turned out.

Lastly how many people died because they were sent with covid from hospitals into nursing homes?

He thinks we are all so stupid and he is right. His image is being shaped into something that people admire, just because he has done a few stupid trials. People are standing up for him and saying he didn’t start covid.

Not the point is it? He was the Health Minister. His instructions caused deaths.
These idiots who are in power will keep treating us like peasants while we believe everything we read and have the collective memory of a dead goldfish.

Personally I think a just punishment would be for him to eat his own testicles and then him and his ilk would get that there are consequences for their actions. But nothing will change. Unfortunately the roundabout of the gormless elite goes on. I’m sure he will walk into another job that he can make a disaster of. I am sure he has designs on being Prime Minister. He has no shame and he is determined to stick around like a turd in a hole.

Elizabeth Swan

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