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Have The Liberal Feminists, Lost Their Moral Compass?

By Elizabeth Swan on

The Me Too movement cast a spotlight over professional men’s conduct with women in the workplace. This extended to the outcry over the murder of Sarah Everard and the protests that followed. ‘Women should not be treated this way!’ the feminists screamed, and I agreed with them. I did wonder at where the working class female voices were in this, but as long as we were focusing on predatory male behaviour, it was a step in the right direction.

Now we have protests again. But this time they are celebrating violence against women and children. The liberal elite, the ones who are in government, working in the media and working in the arts are strangely quiet about the pretty women, abducted from a music festival, the naked women being paraded through the streets with blood coming from between their legs, the rapes that are happening now by men who think women are nothing, shit, tools to be degraded as much as they see fit.

The protesters in London focus on what Israel has done in the past and all the Palestinians who have died. They find glory in what is happening now, and celebrate the atrocities, placing ‘boycott Israel’ in shop windows and jeer at Jews in the streets, as if the Jews who live in the UK have anything to do with the policies of the Israeli government.

Does anything justify rape being used as a method of war? Rape is upfront and personal. An intimate attack on a woman by a man that thinks a woman is worthless. I wish the protesters would take a minute to think about that. Weinstein, though pond scum, wasn’t gunning down women and then raping women next to the corpses of their mates.

Has there ever been a more deserving target for the Me Too movement?

But the feminists are strangely quiet on the subject. It appears that some women are worth rescuing, and some should be left to the dogs. I don’t think there has been a clearer case of hatred towards the Jews since Hitler ordered the building of the gas chambers.

Elizabeth Swan

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