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How to get my attention...in a good way

By Elizabeth Swan on

Hi boys, subs, sissies and slaves.

I have had a lot of enquiries of late which is great. For the first time I am predominantly sessioning from my hometown so I am gathering together a small collection of regulars in Stoke. After the pandemic and then life taking over I don’t work like I used to. Two days a week are for sessions, tasks, kink writing and phone chat. These are Tuesday and Thursday. Gone are the days when I used to see four people each day…including Saturday and Sunday. That was quite a ride for a time but life changes…and it is a good job too. Life/work balance is so important.

So you have found me and would like to meet me. Before writing to me please read my website and the “About Me” page carefully. DEPOSIT TO MY BANK ACCOUNT. Yes I know. No need to shout. But I find it infuriating when a few emails in and a time and date are chosen and then my bank details are met with “oh sorry but…” yada yada. So either my website was not read or it was read and dismissed as irrelevant. The ’she will make an exception for me’ is not becoming of a slave, wouldn’t you agree?

When I am available is also there in black and white.

Do not ask me questions that I have already taken the time to answer.

Now if you would like me to titilate and tease you by explaining how worship works or what the session will involve then send me an Amazon voucher immediately. It is funny how I soften somewhat when I have been financially compensated for my time.

Some subs are worried that I won’t be discreet. I suppose that means I should take down the huge neon sign outside my gaff that says “NAUGHTY BOYS GET YOUR PEGGING HERE!”

Seriously though I don’t want my street knowing what I do for work any more than you want your street knowing that you visit dommes. Every time I get discovered I have to move dungeons. That has happened twice in the past ten years and never down to me. From shouting “I am ready to serve you Mistress” as one slave hurtled down my steps to the 80 year old who turned up already sissied up but who had to call for help getting down the stairs as she had been too ambitious in her high heels. There we both were, her in leather and me in latex as I helped her into my front door. God love her though!

But yes, in my experience it is the subs that let the cat out of the bag, not the domme!

As to the fear of being blackmailed. Boys it is incredibly easy to avoid getting yourself into that situation. First, do your homework. If you like a domme, look at how long she has been around. Look at her interactions with other dommes on social media. Look at the dungeons she has worked out of when she has toured. Blackmailers I would imagine wouldn’t put so much actual work in.

Second of all, engage your brain. If a domme has been working for years (a decade in my case) we have met politicians, aristocrats, multi millionaires. Many of us will have been proposed to (two multi millionaires in my case) and have said no. I don’t say this to brag, I am simply stating the obvious. If I wanted a lot of money fast I would marry it, not blackmail a man out of it! Anyway, in my experience the men who have the least are the ones who worry about blackmail.

Right have I put off the bad apples yet? Then I shall proceed. Because I do know that some men are just nervous and don't know how to approach us in a sensible manner because they are thinking with their little brain.

So back to how to approach a domme.

In a nutshell.

Read my website.

Introduce yourself and not like this…”I like spanking. You free today?”

If you do have many questions then send an Amazon gift card voucher to show you are serious about wanting to meet.

Suggest a date and time you would like to meet.

Ask how much the tribute is.

Then I will reply and send along my bank details.

Then you have a session booked and I think “what a nice slave. I look forward to meeting him.”

Easy peasy!

E x

Elizabeth Swan

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