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A couple of light bulbs light the room; candles haven’t been used since a fireplace went up in flames. Fire alarms are in every hotel room but a latex glove fits snuggly over so wax play can still be experienced during the session. Just don’t look up unless you want to see the disembodied hand coming down from the ceiling. The electrics are dodgy. Sometimes I turn my violet wand on but the television comes on instead. Great for alarming the slave as he never knows what will happen next. And for that matter neither do I.

Of course I am joking. About the last sentence, everything else of course is true. If you work from different venues as a dominatrix you sometimes have to improvise. Too much lighting? Take a bulb out, but don’t climb on furniture with heels. You don’t want a maid to find your knocked out latex clad body, spread eagled on the floor do you? Not enough room, move things about. Be careful with chilli because the seeds take an AGE to clear up from the floor. Take an extension if you have electrics or vibrators that you need to plug in. Nothing less sexy than having tied a slave up, only to realise that the vibrator just reaches his ankle. Is the bathroom suitable for watersports and is the rail fastened securely to the wall so the slave can safely stand after you have pissed on him. There are lots of things to consider when using a new space.

For outcalls the main thing you have to think is ARE YOU GOING TO THE RIGHT HOTEL. Again, not joking. I once turned up to see a couple and I had the right room but the wrong hotel. When your client is already there you have less time to get ready. Instead of rushing you can always ask them to go to the bar while you get everything ready. Yes I know as a slave you are excited but it spoils the mood if we are rummaging through bags during the session.

So what do you take from this? Well how would I know? When I begin writing I never know where I am going to end up. Though I suppose you could realise that sex workers are very good at adapting. But if you are reading my blog I am sure you know that already. During the lockdown we are adapting more. Many have already discovered new skills and I am in awe of the women who have built a store of clips in such a short time. But that was never for me. I like writing stories and for the first time in a long time I have the time to commit to it. Sessions can only go so far while stories can go anywhere. I remember reading Barbara Cartland and Mills and Boon as a teenager and getting turned on, though I always felt frustrated that the man was always saving a damsel and then ‘rewarding’ her with his penis. In my teenage mind I couldn’t articulate what, for me, was missing from the literature. But as I got older I realised what I wanted. Trampling in high heels, bondage, humiliation, blackmail scenarios and pain, lots of pain. Some women get turned on by powerful men. I always want to bring that powerful man to heel under my shoe. And laugh as he cowers.

As a response to what was happening in the world, erotica became more responsible. Before a sex scene there was often; “ Tabitha was naked and shivering from excitement. The smell of her arousal lay heavy in the air. Lucas stood in front of her, his cock throbbing and ready. He opened his bedside drawer and took out a condom wrapper which he opened and then slid over his cock.” Talk about a passion killer. If porn rarely features condoms I don’t see why erotica should.

Stories are not real any more than the actors in films are really those people. Anyone else really fancied an actor until they heard them in interview?

A fantasy can take our mind anywhere. And there lies the beauty. Now more than ever we want to play the ‘anywhere but here’ game.

If you can’t afford my personalised stories (£50 for between 500 and 1000 words) I am working on a catalogue of filthy short stories that I will be releasing gradually. So keep checking out my Twitter and website for updates.

Look after yourselves you lovely people and goodbye for now.

Elizabeth Swan

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