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Last two sessions for a while.

By Elizabeth Swan on

On Monday I had my last two sessions before the session break I am now taking.

So first up. Slave one met me off my train and offered to carry my bags for me. I always refuse such offers ever since a slave held my cane bag upside down and they all clattered to the floor.

We set off for my hotel and there I pointed out that the room had double doors to keep the sounds of his torment and pain inside. He shivered and asked me not to be too cruel to him. After all, he had seen my tweet about making the last two sessions painful.

I teased him, saying that I would be gentle and mostly do massage during this session. Well within ten minutes I had him naked, tied to the bed and I was delivering 100 crops to his arse. I had given him a chance. I had written a number between one and a hundred on a card and if he had guessed within ten I would have halved the 100. But, alas, he didn’t.

He was relieved when I put the crop down. But alarmed when I then picked up a cane.

“Didn’t I say?” I said sweetly. “One hundred with every CP instrument.”

I then had a mad idea. He had worn an Indiana Jones hat when he greeted me. So I said…

“To dull the pain I want you to sing the theme tune of Indiana Jones whilst I cane you.”

And I put his hat on the back of his head and began.

It made me laugh so much. Him attempting to sing between his whimpers and me trying to cane to the ‘music.’ I attempted to film it but unfortunately as I am not used to filming I cut off his hat.

The session had now turned into a lightly humiliating one. Eventually I released him from the bed and put on a cock cage and a collar and left his ankle restraints on. Then I allowed him to put the rest of his clothes on and I sent him out to fetch me a coffee and some mints. Out he went, chinking as he did so.

When he came back he had the coffee but no mints. Irritated, I asked him if he had ever danced for a Mistress during a session.

“Oh no. I would hate that!”

So I put on “I’m too sexy.” and made him dance whilst I drank my coffee. Of course occasionally he lacked motivation so I urged him on with my whip.

It was a three hour session so many other things happened before I finally allowed his release. When he left he had a spring in his step.

Slave two had requested a cruel humiliation session. Now my natural brand of humiliation is what I got up to with slave one. More games and teasing. I find cruelty more tricky. You know the thing. Mocking penis size and telling the slave he isn’t a real man. I can do it, sure. But I always want to say “too much? Are you okay?” on regular occasions which as you can imagine ruins the scene for the slave somewhat!

We met in a wine bar and we discussed the session. Somewhat difficult as we were the only two people in there and we had a very attentive waiter who, if he had winked at me on my exit, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

Then back down the road to my hotel. He presented himself to me naked and on his knees and I ordered him to kiss my foot. He did so and then I moved back and told him to do it again but with one arm around his back. He struggled a little but managed it.

“Great. Now both arms behind your back.”

I was starting him off gently. He enjoys being put in stress positions and so when I allowed him to stand I mocked his ridiculous appendage between his legs, put him in a cage, wig and stockings. Then I made him hold a dildo in his mouth against the wall and squat...taking the dildo with him without dropping it. A tricky feat as I also had his hands tied behind his back.

Then I pulled up a chair, plugged in my wand and told him to stay in that position until I came.

Poor dear. His legs were trembling more than mine by the end!

Just before his time was up I took his cage off, told him to lie on the floor, and made him wank as I pissed on him. First on his cock for lubrication, then into his mouth.

He came like that but I wasn’t finished with him.

“Now, drink it all up. If I see a drop of sperm on your pathetic body I shall cane you again.”

Then I let him go.

So there we have it. My two last sessions for a while. I shall really miss domming. I would never say that it is therapy for the slave, but it certainly feels like therapy for me. It allows me to play and in adulthood not many jobs allow that.

But I’ll be back. In the meantime I will be still uploading content on Patreon and delivering tasks and NOT delivering orgasms to some of my distance slaves. Some of the pics from these sessions are posted on adult work (link on my Twitter page) but unfortunately My Indiana video wouldn't post. Inappropriate content apparently. Must have a problem with my slave's singing.

Take care of yourselves.

E x

Elizabeth Swan

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