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Leaving Patreon, a busy year and availability

By Elizabeth Swan on

Thank you to those who followed me on Patreon these past couple of years. I have enjoyed it. Unfortunately I have unpublished my page due to Patreon insisting that I verify my identity with either a passport or a driving license. I don't trust them not to share my details. Sex workers keep getting bank accounts closed and are being turned away from the US border because their information is being shared by websites that they use. I absolutely will not take that risk. If any of you can think of another way I can share my kink writing and my tasks then do please get in touch.

In other news the last time I blogged was May. I was swamped with family obligations, writing deadlines, a house renovation and completion and passing my driving test. Also a close member of my family passed in the spring so it has taken a lot to keep myself together. So I put semi retired on my profile to prevent lots of additional noise.

I don't regret it. Going down to four sessions a month meant that my regulars really suffered (!) and I could have a wonderful time seeing them. I will have a little more availability soon in both Stoke and London so if you are a regular then get in touch and if you are a newbie, read my website carefully before applying.

Thanks again to my lovely Patrons. I will have lots of kink available on Adult Work https://www.adultwork.com/View...

until I find a new writing website home.

Peace, love and lots of thrashings.

Elizabeth Swan xxx

Elizabeth Swan

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