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Much needed relaxation and other things (Written two weeks ago)

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I had a spa day today. Absolute bliss, I thoroughly recommend you buy a spa day for the ladies in your life IMMEDIATELY. I feel great and look better. God it was needed. At present I only have time for one session a week and as a result I have felt rather tense of late. It isn’t just a form of therapy for you boys you know!

As well as a facial and a massage I enjoyed a nice lunch. The staff were unbelievably professional even in the face of unbelievable twattery. I think back to my waitressing days and I have to say if a customer had said to me “I don’t like my crab starter, it is too crabby.” I would have probably said “are you having a laugh?” Yes I think they were marvelous. Though they did upgrade my champagne so I could be both tipsy and biased.

The sessions I have had over the last few months have been memorable. I have seen a few new men at my Stoke-on-Trent dungeon which has resulted in red cheeks, both on the bottom and on the face when I make a slave dance for me. Not for everyone but I do love it when a slave requests humiliation. There is nothing like sitting with a glass of champagne in one hand and a crop in the other for if the slave needs more motivation.

Then there has been pegging. I love an introductory email that lists everything I do…and then the last sentence reads “and if you have a little time, perhaps a little pegging…”

Of course that should be the first thing on the list!

Hopefully I will be able to see more slaves in the coming months. Email with a date in mind and if I like the cut of your jib we can arrange a session.

At present Thursdays are best for me. Day and evening.

And I will travel to London as long as you are booking a three hour session.

Take care for now and lastly to the new slaves I have met recently… Welcome. I have enjoyed beating and meeting you!

Elizabeth x

Elizabeth Swan

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