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So you wait ages for one of my blogs and then two come along at once. And so; I have moved again. The landlords suddenly cottoned on to how much a place two minutes from Piccadilly Circus could be worth and with that myself and my whips were cast into the street. Well it wasn’t that dramatic but you get my drift. The bloody gentrification of soho. Soon there will just be sterile white flats that nobody wants to live in as there is nowhere to go at night. Poor sex stripped Soho. So I am back at Baker Street where I shall be using my usual discreet hotel. As to dungeons the ones that I will be using on a regular basis are;

http://mistressreview.com/Dungeon-Hire/ Baker Street

https://www.bluedoordungeon.co.uk Angel

https://murdermile.com Walthamstow

If you are booking for longer than an hour and would like to see me at a dungeon there will be an additional £50 added to my fee.

I do like using various locations as I adore role-play and different venues offer more opportunities. And wherever I work from...fun will be had!


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