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New website and an upcoming play

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However sometimes a change in circumstances can happen at the right time. As luck would have it, just before I received my notice I was very busy with other things. After falling out with Adultwork I removed my profile (a one sided argument really as they never responded to my complaint!) This was two years ago and now I am back on there. Mainly because it is an easy way to offer phone chat but also because I can test my erotic stories before I put them onto Amazon. And lastly because should my website get taken down in the near future, clients will still be able to find me. Which brings me to my new website. A work in progress at the moment; I am redoing it from top to bottom. It will be hosted in a country that doesn’t hate sex workers with a domain name that can’t be stolen by a government. Unless you have been living in a cave these past months you will know that the US have started to wage war on its sex workers by taking down websites and our ability to advertise. As for Britain they have introduced the Digital Economy Act which will result in small websites like mine being closed down. I am also afraid that the MPs are going to try to pass a criminalisation law within the next year or two. Why do I think this? Well I have met quite a few MPs, both Labour and Conservative in my activism work and the bias towards end demand is staggering. They even had a man who runs an anti trafficking charity on one of their impartial committees! (Trafficking is used every time to justify laws that throw sex workers under the bus) Everything seems crazy.

But when things are crazy I write. My poor blog got neglected and I wrote a play. I have seen far too many plays that involve sex work that have been written by people who have no knowledge of the industry. No we have not all been fiddled with by a family member. No we are not all mentally ill or have substance abuse problems. So I decided to write a play with the themes being consent and politics looking at the hypocrisy that surround us. Then when I was done I started sending it to theatres and playwrights. People liked it but I was told by one writer that I would never find a theatre to put it on as it doesn’t fit into a narrative that theatre people recognise. The clients that I have in the play are too normal (as apposed to abusive as they are normally portrayed) It’s not left wing enough. And the female characters featured are working class. Well tough titty. I won’t change it so people can feel more comfortable with it. If I am told it is shit then that is one thing. I can take that. But I won’t change my story to fit a left wing, middle class idea of what sex work is. If I can’t find a theatre that is brave enough then I shall put it on myself. I may also put it on Amazon. I will keep you updated on its progress.

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Elizabeth Swan