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Northern Tour Part 3. Huddersfield and Mistress Helena

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The journey from Leeds to Huddersfield took no time at all. After I had turfed a man from my reserved seat I semi relaxed; as I always keep an eye on my suitcase. Indeed on my last train journey a grandmother who was obviously not that well off had had her suitcase stolen. God there are some bastards about. However the majority of people I think are decent. Well okay… maybe half.

At Huddersfield I jumped in a taxi with my new broken handled suitcase (I suspect the weight of my dildos had buggered it) and in no time at all I found myself meeting the beautiful Mistress Helena. With a glass of fizz in my hand and her wonderful house slave carrying my suitcase to my room I relaxed immediately. After a lot of chatting we got dressed (or undressed) and were ready to do our first double session…my first adult baby. And what a hoot it was! We bathed the slave thoroughly while shaving his hair into the shape of a heart and then fed him a bottle while we cuddled him. He felt safe and secure in our arms and after the session he looked more relaxed with a bounce in his step. I always think that visiting good dominatrices is therapeutic with the gent feeling lighter and better afterwards. Or that’s how it should be at any rate. Of course you can’t force chemistry as you either have that with a person or not. The same can be said for doubling with a domme. I have done the odd one when I haven’t felt entirely comfortable. The dommes that I advertise that I work with now are women that I count as friends. And now I am proud to count Mistress Helena as one of these women. We clicked and I felt we complimented each others style. The next morning we had another double with her boot slave slut. After making him fuck our boots and making him watch as we masturbated I was on my way to Manchester. I can’t wait to visit her and her very well equipped premises again. A really nice lady and sexy as hell.




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