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When I began working in Stoke I had a few concerns. Well one really. Would I see someone I know. This is a real concern as it does happen. My friend for example had a session with a man she thought vaguely familiar. Only to realise afterwards that it was her mate’s dad. Awkward! In London that wasn’t a problem. If a man seemed familiar that was usually because he was an MP or a creative I had seen at the theatre. No problemo. But pegging a mate’s dad. No thank you.

There was also the fear that I would end up in the local paper. Also not a concern in London where there are thousands of women having their stilettos worshipped at any given time.

In Stoke there are about three of us, and I am sure the other women are less accident prone than I am. I have locked myself outside my dungeon, luckily a man who worked for Stoke council was on hand to help me. I have locked myself inside my dungeon and terrified a new slave who I never saw again…not after I dropped to my knees in front of him and got my tool belt out.

Yes, over the years I have had many hilarious moments, but the good news is I have never permanently damaged a slave. Though I did brand one for three months (at his request of course) and he forgot he had ES waz ere’ branded on his arse when he visited his doctor. Oops.

What was the point of this blog? Oh yes. Now that I have a few loyal subs I am moving premises. To a larger place that will give me more room to swing my flogger and cane. It’s quite a project and will take a while but the place has huge potential.

So watch this space.

Sessions at my present dungeon will continue until the end of May.

Elizabeth Swan

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