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Q)What's better than coffee in the morning? A)24 strokes of my cane

By Elizabeth Swan on

Very early this morning Suzy* came to call on me. Now the last time I saw Suzy she had turned up at my door in a beautiful silk blouse, leather skirt, stockings, heels, a lovely blonde wig and full makeup. Quite wonderful. We generally while away the hours by slowly undressing and dressing as the feeling of silk/velvet/satin and lace feels wonderful and evocative next to the skin. With me you can be whoever you would like to be. With Suzy this can be followed by a spanking on her bare bottom which inevitably leads to flogging, belting and caning. And when her bottom is very, very sore I turn her over and give her bottom an internal examination. I ADORE my profession!

But this time due to the earlyness of the morning sadly Suzy hadn't found the time to dress in her usual attire. So readers I am sorry to report I skipped the spanking and chose my favourite cane. Twenty four strokes later (Bad form as the bottom should be warmed up) I sent him on his way.

Elizabeth Swan

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