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Too much privilege

By Elizabeth Swan on

I write this knowing that most won’t see it. Most people don’t give a damn what a working class dominatrix from Stoke has to say. That gives me a degree of protection. Yes, a few potential clients may read and be turned off and not fill out the ‘message me’ form on my website. But that matters not a jot to me. I’ve worked my arse off since I was fourteen and I finally have enough money that I work when I want, I see who I want and I do what I want. That is privilege. Hard earned perhaps from doing jobs that many people would never consider doing themselves, but a privilege nevertheless.

And I wonder about privilege when those we see as above us, get a reality check. The ‘good they had it coming!’ which we all feel to some degree when a powerful man falls like Weinstein, or when an MP gets ousted for being a total prick. When a newsreader gets outed as a hypocrite, or when a daytime TV presenter gets booted for grooming, many of us think ‘fucking brilliant’ as we watch their crocodile tears as they backpedal furiously as they are interviewed by a friendly journo their PR team has hastily recruited to rectify the shit the silly sod has got themselves into…but of course their only regret is that they got caught. Humans rejoice when people get their comeuppance.

So I wonder how much comeuppance people feel the Jews deserve? Because how are people not going batshit crazy about the fact that there are still over 240 civilian hostages being kept in shitty caves by monsters that no Hollywood horror writer could ever begin to dream up. The kind of monster who cuts an eight year old girl's hand off and then leaves her to die. The type that sees women as not just objects as the Weinsteins of this world do, but even less. To be raped, over and over then paraded through the streets on the back of a truck before finally being beheaded. Well she had tattoos, she was listening to music, she had a boyfriend, she was a whore wasn’t she?

There was evidence at the time of what Hamas did when they attacked; much of it from their body cams, some from CCTV, some from their own propaganda videos, you too can watch how brave they are when they throw a hand grenade at a terrified family.

Many say it is faked, or Israeli propaganda. Well I don’t believe them. They know it is true but they don’t care. If they did they would not be ripping down the posters of kidnapped children in this fucking country.

Who do these people think they are? And when I say these people I mean the people who hate western society so much that they want to drag us into some dystopian Handmaiden Hell where women are seen as worthless and simply a tool to fuck or breed with.

And the liberal white women who bang on all the time about sex workers servicing the patriarchy and causing women to be objectified are not saying a fucking word about the war rape that is happening, every day whilst there are still hostages. Sex workers, bad. Hamas, good. Jess Phillips is focusing on ousting Braverman whilst Bindel is banging her terf drum. All those self proclaimed ‘feminists’ with a voice are focusing on anything other than what is happening to kids and mothers and people that are just like us.

Then there is the opposing side to the radical feminists but this time they are in complete agreement. A sex worker union have thrown support behind the Palestinians and released a statement that ends with, "From the river to the sea..."

It makes me very glad that I am not in the union. Do they know what Hamas would do to sex workers?

As an ordinary person I am livid every day about this. About the silence that I find deafening.

But we can’t get angry as the Jews are seen as being white and powerful, right? Those babies had it coming because they are privileged, right?

When we turn a blind eye to what the monsters do, not in the dark but in full view of the world…what does that make us?

It makes us fucking monsters.

Those women who were selected because they were pretty by those pathetic incels to be raped are never going to come home. Nobody is talking about them. Which is not surprising considering the BBC won't even say the word 'terrorist'.

I used to wonder at how the German people stood by and allowed the ghettos and then the gas chambers to happen.

I don’t wonder any more.

Elizabeth Swan

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